Foam Insulation


West Construction’s sister company, Tulsa Foam Insulation, is authorized and licensed to install Demilec insulation systems, the safest, healthiest and highest performing insulation available today. Demilec spray foam is environmentally friendly, delivers superior R values and provides a complete air and dust barrier for your home or building. Best of all, spray foam performs up to 50% more efficiently than any other insulation and can increase racking strength up to 250%. Offering both open- and closed-cell spray foam products, we have the right solution for virtually any project:
  • New construction
  • Retrofit and remediation
  • Commercial and agricultural
  • Steel frame construction


Our experts have extensive experience installing traditional fiberglass insulation as well. Fiberglass insulation can drastically reduce energy consumption and provide noticeably improved soundproofing. It is ideal soundbatting for master bedrooms, bathrooms, utility rooms, garages and exterior walls. Fiberglass is also traditionally used for attic flooring, providing thermal comfort throughout your home or office.
What Clients Are Saying
We are very pleased with the work West Construction has done and we look forward to working with them again, many times, in the future.

— David Mann, Project Manager, Flintco