I want to thank you again for the timely, expert help and professionalism that you and your crew displayed in replacing the maple wood floor at the Cain's Ballroom. That floor had been in place for over 40-50 years. We gave you a one month window to take out the old floor, replace the support system, and replace the maple wood floor in a "picnic table" style pattern, to bring it back to life like it was 50 years ago.


You surround yourself by woodworking experts and a crew that knocked the job out in less than 30 days between December of 2007 and January of 2008. We had a timeline to get it done because we had out next show scheduled the day after you said the floor would be ready. It was done on time and worked out great.


A year later, after we had noticed some issues with the sealant on the floor, you came back to the rescue and took care of the problem without a moment's hesitation.


Your company has helped preserve our "jewel" in the Brady District, and have give her a few more years of potential were and tear on the "bouncing" floor for Tulsans and Oklahomans to enjoy the music we book there many nights a week for years to come.


I would recommend your company to anyone who asks and will be willing to do so at your request. Trust is priceless and that's what you gave us!!!




James R.
Cain's Ballroom