We have worked with Dean West for approximately 10 years. Our working relationship started when he took over the duties of jobsite foreman for a drilled pier and grade beam foundation system of a large custom designed residence we engineered. His attention to detail, his interest in doing the job right, and his willingness to listen to others were instrumental in getting that job back on the right track. These are traits he has maintained over the years as he has grown from a talented young construction hand to the owner of his own construction business.


We have worked with Dean West and his construction team on a variety of projects including remodel and renovation work for several existing buildings in downtown Tulsa, several residential projects including a heavy timber residential arbor, installation of new support framing for the re-roof of the Philbrook Art Museum, and recently participated in a new design/build commercial building effort. In working with them on existing building projects, I find Dean and his group very interested in understanding the design concepts and with that understanding providing valuable input when the typical "unknowns" pop up during the course of the work.


Dean West Construction was the contractor for a new garage/driveway project at my personal residence and I was please at their ability to follow plans, but yet provide constructive suggestions for improvement.


The size and complexity of the projects they construct have grown with their experience and the ever growing group of talent Dean West has assembled. I would recommend Dean West Construction for any project within the expanding range of work they provide.




Larry V.

Cyntergy AEC